Cincinnati SEO Services

You are probably aware that showing up in search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing  is critical to the success of your website.  However, you may not know why your company’s website doesn’t come up in the search results for  terms  critical to  your business or how to improve your website’s search engine visibility.  CIG can help! We have been providing Cincinnati SEO services along with pay-per-click advertising management since 2004.

If you do call me,  we’ll first talk about your business, target market and the search terms or “keywords” on which you’d like to appear in search engines.  Next, I’ll conduct research on those keywords to determine how often they are searched for online and I’ll also look at your competitors to see what terms they are using in their SEO efforts.  After reviewing the results with you, we will reach a consensus on the right terms for you and start the process of updating your site to get it indexed by the search engines so your customers can find you.

One aspect of SEO that many Cincinnati and Dayton businesses struggle with is ensuring all the various business directories and search engines have the correct name, address and phone number for the business, what we in the industry call the NAP (Name, Address, Phone) info.  If you are seeing incorrect or out-of-date address or phone number information for your business online CIG can get a lot of those errors corrected also.

Want to check your business info on over 50 sites for free? Use our online tool to run a Free Business Listing Report and if you see errors, give us a call!

Contact me, Rob Bunting,  at 513-549-3882 (Cincinnati) or 937-312-1400 (Dayton) for a free SEO services quote and to learn how to increase your chances of getting found online!